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Grain and sugar beet by-products

These products are by-products from the production of food or animal feed or grain from accidents. The products can no longer be used as food or feed, but are still very suitable as a biogas substrate. This is particularly the case since grain and sugar beet by-products have a very good CO2 balance.

Indispensable part of the energy transition

The legislator has now also recognized that biogas / biomethane plants are an important and indispensable part of the energy transition. Within the framework of new regulations, advanced biofuels with a particularly positive CO2 balance are being promoted. Here you can benefit in two ways.

Increase in demand through minimum quota of advanced biofuels

Mineral oil companies are obliged by the Federal Emission Protection Ordinance to put a continuously increasing minimum proportion of so-called advanced biofuels on the market every year.

Suitable raw materials for the production of liquefied biomethane, which is recognized as an advanced biofuel, must meet strict guidelines. We can supply you with these raw materials on a regular basis, so that you can benefit from the increasing demand in this area.

Generate additional revenue by selling GHG quotas

The greenhouse gas reduction quota is a reduction in emissions that petroleum companies have to meet from the fuels they put into circulation. The rate will gradually increase to 24% over the next few years.

As an operator of a biomethane plant, you can benefit from the GHG quota by fulfilling the quota for the petroleum companies and then selling to them. The amount of the GHG quota and thus your additional income depend on the CO2 balance of the biomethane produced. In the cereals and sugar beet by-products range, we have raw materials with a very positive impact on the CO2 balance. With these you can achieve a high GHG quota and thus a very attractive additional income.

We would be happy to advise you in detail on the requirements and possibilities.

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  • Good CO2 balance for biogas substrates from by-products
  • Good value for money
  • Good storage properties
  • High biogas yields
  • Low residence times
  • In the case of grain in particular, fewer fermentation residues remain

Good CO2 balance for biogas substrates from by-products