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wood products

Wood fibers and wood chips have been used as substrate raw materials in Germany since the early 1990s. Especially in the last few years, this material has become increasingly important again due to its good suitability as a peat substitute.

Wood chips and the wood fibers obtained from them are a post-washing raw material. The CO2 bond is retained even when used in substrates.


wood fibers

Wood fibers are made from untreated residual wood, such as wood chips.

Due to the high pore volume comparable to peat, with a significantly higher air capacity, the addition of wood fibers loosens the substrate and also promotes water permeability. This is particularly beneficial for good root development and prevents waterlogging.

Because wood fiber has a low level of available nutrients and other soluble salts, it can be used well with nutrient-rich and heavy materials such as compost.


wood chips

Wood chips are produced by crushing residual wood. Because there is no time-consuming fraying, woodchips are an inexpensive alternative to wood fibers. Because of the coarser structure, this product has a particularly good drainage effect and can be added to the substrate to loosen it up and stabilize the structure.

We offer sawmill chips, forest chips and micro-chips.