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coconut products

The fruit of the coconut palm consists partly of a fibrous network that is characterized by high elasticity and durability and because of these properties has long been a coveted raw material for the manufacture of ropes.

This fibrous network can also be used to obtain substrate starting materials that are well suited as additives to replace peat.

Coconut products increase the airflow and water permeability of the peat. The favorable water capacity, in particular the high proportion of readily available water and the low weight are further advantages of the material.


coconut fibers

Coconut fibers have almost the same properties as peat and can partially or completely replace them. The microbial decomposition of the coconut fibers makes it a stable substrate for long-term cultures.


coconut pulp

After the coconut fibers have been extracted, a sieved fine fraction remains, the coconut pulp.


coconut chips

Coconut chips are the crushed shell of the coconut. Coconut chips are particularly suitable for long-term cultures and for cultures with high demands on the air capacity of the substrate (e.g. orchids), as they promise ideal root aeration.