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Litter Assortment

We have a wide range of bedding materials, so we can supply every owner with the most suitable material for their animals.

Thanks to our in-house logistics, we supply your barn flexibly according to your requirements and your quantity requirements.



Sawdust / dust is particularly suitable for use in dairy cattle sheds or for cattle transport. It is particularly non-slip and therefore enables safe animal transport.


Straw granules and straw pellets

These products are often used in poultry and horse stables. The result is a loose base with high lying comfort. Due to the loose and elastic nature, these products are particularly easy on the joints of the animals when used in the horse stable.


wood shavings

Wood shavings are particularly suitable for use in poultry houses. This bedding is particularly soft and offers your animals a high level of comfort. Due to the high elasticity, the product is also easy on the joints and therefore also very suitable for horse stables.


Wooden sticks for paddock and riding arenas

Wooden sticks for paddock and riding arenas

Wooden sticks can be used either as a pure wooden footing or as an additive to riding sand on paddocks and riding arenas. They offer high elasticity and are a good water reservoir.