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Gardening and landscaping

We have a wide range of products for gardening and landscaping.

Thanks to our in-house logistics, we can supply your company flexibly according to your requirements and your quantity requirements.



Compost is a true all-round talent and can serve a variety of purposes in gardening and landscaping. Examples of this are fertilization and soil improvement, the supply of humus or the production of soil.

The advantages of using compost are, for example, an improvement in water storage capacity, the activation of soil life and the creation of a stable soil structure.


bark mulch

Bark mulch is used to cover the soil, increasing its water holding capacity and protecting soil life. We offer bark mulch in different screenings and can deliver flexibly according to your requirements and your quantity requirements thanks to our logistics.

In addition to the standard sieving of 0 mm - 40 mm, other grain sizes are available from us.


fall protection

Wood chips and bark mulch are well suited to avoiding injuries when falling on playgrounds due to their springy and cushioning properties. In addition, these are environmentally friendly natural products that are also visually appealing.

Our products are tested by TÜV and certified according to DIN EN 1177:2008. The grain sizes of 5-30 mm for wood chips and 20-80 mm for bark humus prescribed by TÜV are observed.