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manure and manure

The use of manure and liquid manure as input for biogas and biomethane plants offers a wide range of advantages. In particular, the positive effect on your CO2 balance is a major advantage of using manure. Also worth mentioning is the improvement in the fermentation biology due to the microorganisms contained in manure and an upgrading of the fermentation residues.

Thanks to our certification according to REDcert, we can supply you with corresponding products all year round and regularly free of charge. The delivery is carried out by our in-house, flexible and reliable logistics and depends on your requirements and your quantity requirements.

Indispensable part of the energy transition

The legislator has now also recognized that biogas / biomethane plants are an important and indispensable part of the energy transition. Within the framework of new regulations, advanced biofuels with a particularly positive CO2 balance are being promoted. Here you can benefit in two ways.

Increase in demand through minimum quota of advanced biofuels

Mineral oil companies are obliged by the Federal Emission Protection Ordinance to put a continuously increasing minimum proportion of so-called advanced biofuels on the market every year.

By using Manure & Slurry you can produce liquefied biomethane that meets the requirements of advanced biofuels and thus beneft from the increasing demand.

Generate additional revenue by selling GHG quotas

The greenhouse gas reduction quota is a reduction in emissions from the fuels they put into circulation that oil companies have to meet. The rate will gradually increase to 24% over the next few years.

As an operator of a biomethane plant, you can benefit from the GHG quota by fulfilling the quota for the petroleum companies and then selling to them. The amount of the GHG quota and thus your additional income depend on the CO2 balance of the biomethane produced. The use of manure & liquid manure has a very positive effect on the CO2 balance. For example, compared to other biofuels, biomethane from manure achieves significantly higher CO2 savings and a correspondingly higher GHG quota.

We would be happy to advise you in detail on the requirements and possibilities.

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Our range of poultry manure includes chicken manure, dry chicken manure and turkey manure. We also offer all our products with REDCert certification.

Due to their specific properties, the different types of poultry manure have different advantages and disadvantages when used in biogas plants. For example, chicken manure is characterized by a very high gas yield, which means that the price-performance ratio is particularly good with this substrate. In addition, Hahnchemist is a homogeneous product that scores with consistent quality and a stable gas yield. This product is therefore also suitable for beginners in the use of poultry manure in biogas plants.

In the case of dry chicken manure, the best gas yield is achieved by using fresh tape. We can deliver these to you all year round.

We can supply you with different types of turkey manure. The manure comes from fattening turkeys on straw pellets, sunflower husk pellets, spelled husks or on straw. Turkey manure has the great advantage that it is a particularly cheap biogas substrate.

We would be happy to advise you on which of our products is most suitable for you.


We offer different types of cattle and pig manure for use in biogas plants. Examples are manure from keeping bulls or cattle. Fattening pig manure or manure from sow husbandry is also available.

When used in the biogas plant, for example, cattle and pig manure have the advantage that they stabilize the biology. We would be happy to advise you in a non-binding discussion on the use of cattle or pig manure in biogas plants.


The separation of cattle and pig manure results in solids for use in biogas plants and a liquid fertilizer for arable land and grassland. The use of separated manure as a biogas substrate produces a significantly higher methane yield than the use of raw manure.

In addition, the micronutrients in the separated liquid manure stabilize the fermentation process. For more information, please send us a non-binding inquiry.